Tips and tricks to not miss anything on your Roman holiday.

19 Jun 2020

8 museums in Rome with free admission

In Rome there are eight city-run museums with free admission: Villa di Massenzio, Museo Barracco, Museo delle Mura, Museo Carlo Bilotti, Museo Napoleo...

21 Apr 2020


April 21, 2020: Rome celebrates birthday number 2,773 today!

To celebrate this anniversary, with #laculturaincasa all the cultural institutions of R...

24 Mar 2020

Virtual tour of Raphael rooms

The four rooms known as the Raphael Rooms were part of the apartment located on the second floor of the Papal Palace which was chosen by Pope Julius I...

20 Mar 2020

Sterilization with Ozone

All our rooms are sterilized every day at the departure of the guests with ozone in order to guarantee the disinfection and sanitization of the enviro...

27 Feb 2020

Expo "Once upon a time Sergio Leone"

30 years after his death, the Ara Pacis Museum celebrates the Roman director Sergio Leone with a large exhibition open to the public until May 3, 2020...

27 Feb 2020

Canova. Eternal Beauty

The Museum di Roma until March 15, 2020 hosts the exhibition ''Canova. Eternal beauty'' which through over 170 works by Antonio Canova and his contemp...